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A tutorial site for dummies.

Pattern TextMar 15, 2011

Learn how to add in patterns to your text in just 4-5 steps!

I'm doing this in Photoshop 7.0.
First open up a background/pattern of your choice. I'm using a pattern from Axel.
Click on Edit at the top left hand corner, select Define Pattern & Save.

Now open up a new canvas. *400 x 280 pixels*
And selecting the Text Tool, type in any desired words. I'm using the font Impact.

On the right, you should be able to see a Layer Window. Double-click or Right-Click on the word layer & select Blending Options.

After clicking, there should be a pop-up box. Select the Pattern Overlay and click on the little black arrow beside it, select the background/pattern inside & set your settings like mine. Or you may adjust it to your liking.

This is optional but you can also select on drop shadow to give it alittle more effect.
Play around with the options and you might just find out more new stuffs.

And you're done! This is my result :

Do leave me a comment or mail me at dumbchoco@gmail.com if you've some questions on this.
Have fun!

Hover ImageAug 31, 2009

Hover over the image below.

Cool isn't it?
Just copy the codes below and you can use that for like EG : Before & After kind of effect.
It doesn't work well in this site, but i assure you, it works perfectly fine in Blogger.

Have fun!

Fastest way.Aug 02, 2009

I have come up with the best solution i can think of to help you solve your problems.
I have went through a big trouble to make this animation for you people.

Enjoy, click if you want a better view.
COPYRIGHTED & ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Inspired by my friend's idea.

Basic Htmls.Aug 01, 2009

You probably might have seen some basic stuffs such as
bold strikeout italic underline

But you might wonder, how the heck did they do it?
Simply just copy the codes below and you will know.





<a href="http://chocovilla.onsugar.com">
This is a link if you want to do a linkage with your friends. </a>

Doesn't work? Try again or feel free to contact me @ dumbchoco@gmail.com.

I do not entertain nonsensical emails.

Making your blogger private.Aug 01, 2009

First, Log into your account in http://www.blogger.com/
then click on Settings, and then click on Permissions.
As shown in the image below, Click on it to Enlarge.

After clicking on it, you will probably be at a page as shown below.

then decide if you want to make your blog private.
Finally click on save and there you have it.

Smileys for Shout MixAug 01, 2009

This is for Shoutmix, in case you don't know.

Log into your Account in Shoutmix.
Click on Smileys. ( as shown in the image above. )
click to enlarge the image.

After Clicking it, then

UNTICK on the box.
and then go to http://ego-box.com/pixels/smileys/
paste the direct link inside the box, as shown in the image below.

Then click on ' Add ' and done.

* Do Credit Ego-box if you used their smileys.
And any other questions, Feel Free to ask me.

Smileys for Cbox.Aug 01, 2009

Go to the website of your tagboard,
either Cbox, Haloscan or Shoutmix.

Firstly for Cbox,
Log in, then click on Options > Smiles.
Click on the image to Enlarge.

Now for the smiley faces,
you can get some at : http://ego-box.com/pixels/smileys/1.php .

Now back to the cbox,
click on Delete,
Delete all of the smileys.
Or you can don't wish delete, and just add in the new smileys.

Back to the Ego-Box website for the smileys.
Randomly pick any of the smileys that you like.

Open up Notepad,
and paste the code inside, after that, take out the DIRECT LINK.
example :

Then Copy the direct link,
Go back to Cbox, then paste the direct link inside the URL.
And click on save. So there you have it, Your smileys.

* Please Credit Ego-Box if you used their Smileys. (:

Blockquote.Aug 01, 2009

What's a blockquote?
It's those kind of box you see in a blog post.
First, look at the image below.

Now if you want to get that kind of box.
copy and paste the code below.

Press Ctrl + C to copy.

simply type,

then type in the words that you want it to be in the box.
but don't forget! Always end off with a

but before you do, click on Edit Html ( as shown in the image below ),
then type in the code.

then click on publish post after you type finish,
and there you have it, your own blockquote (:
if you still do not understand, do feel free to ask me.

Screen ShotsAug 01, 2009

How to take screen shots?
Look at your keyboard now, look all the way to the right,
and i suppose you will see the word, ' Prt Scr /SysRq '

now go the the website that you wanted to a screenshot of.
then click on the 'Prt Scr ' button on your keyboard.

Head on to MS Paint.
Click on Edit, then paste.

after paste, click on File and then Save.

And once again, there you have it, your own screenshot.

How to make a blog?Aug 01, 2009

To make a blog, simply go to http://www.blogger.com/ first.
Click on create blog, and there will be a guide to lead you so follow it.

Finally after creating your first blog & post, it's time to get a layout!
Go to blogger templates and get a template provided.

Otherwise, go to
http://www.blogskins.com/ to get beautiful layouts.
after finding a blogskin layout that you want, click on the Blogger Main.
A notepad will pop up and the Layout Codes will be there.

Right click, select all and copy the codings.
Back to blogger, click on either Layout / Template. and paste the codes.

But error?!

Most people, will get a error like shown in the image below.
Click on the image to enlarge.

If you get a error like this, scroll all the way down.
and you will probably see something like this.

Click on ' Revert to Classic Template '.

Then click OK to continue.

After reverting to Classic Template,
you will be in a page as shown in the image below.
Click on the image to Enlarge.

After reaching at this page,
Paste the code in the box and click Save.

Then click view blog & there you have it, your blog with the layout you desire.


Many people have been asking me to send them codes, teach them how to do this and that.
So i just made this site to help some of them once and for all. So please do not ask me unless you wish to ask me some other personal questions.

Everything here is 100% typed by myself. *except for the codes of course.*
You may redistribute and copy it to help share with others too.


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New snowflakes effect code available!


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